Who are we?

A niche segment of people who’re very difficult to measure and/or define. We don’t fit within general demographic targets, don’t answer surveys and/or are generally very cynical about everything so we question anything. Over a long and/or trended period of time, trapped in our little custom group… we’ve observed and/or learnt so much that we feel the need to share what we know.

Afterall… what good are databases if you don’t extract them?

Why “Opportunity to Excel”?

It’s a bit of an inside joke but at the same time also a hat tip to someone who was an inspiration to us. In many ways, it defines us as a team so when the opportunity came up to use the phrase… there was never going to be a better choice!

What is “Opportunity to Excel” about?

It’s about things that will give you the opportunity to excel and/or fail. But you won’t know until you try and we’ll do our best to share our and anyone elses experiences and insights with you.

Have fun. Enjoy. And remember, if you need something, please feel free to fill in a brief.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog are those of the respective authors and not of Fairfax Media.


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