From over at Read Write Web, a new service called SocialMedia-live which examines growth of Facebook pages. Unfortunately it lacks a search function but still provides an interesting insight into what is trending.

Ever wondered which musician has the fastest growing Facebook Page? Or what TV series? A new beta service called SocialMedia-live is tracking the growth rate of 38 million Facebook Pages, with 2 million of those available to view. It has statistics on total number of likes, fan growth, interesting newcomers and male/female breakdown. These statistics are categorized and users can create comparison graphs.

The main site, the awkwardly named SocialMedia-live, updates Facebook Page data on 90,000 “big players” every 10 minutes – including Eminem, Coca Cola, YouTube and other very popular brands. A further 1.8 million “medium-sized pages” are updated every 12 hours. The other 36 million or so “little pages” are refreshed every 5 days.

There’s a special page for “Hip Fanpages,” those Facebook Pages “that have distinguished themselves in terms of layout, navigational ease, interactive fanpage features, etc.” Current members include Adidas Originals, Snooki, Livestrong, Star Wars and a German comedian named Linda P. That last pick is a clue that SocialMedia-live hails from Germany.

For the full post, click here.

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