The Tablet Revolution–A PEJ Infographic

From over at Pew Research, an interesting infographic looking at US tablet usage – perhaps indicating where New Zealand may be heading in the next few years.

Key out-takes are:

  • 11% of US adults own an tablet device – this compares to only 1.8% of New Zealanders 18yrs+ (Source: Nielsen CMI Q310 – Q311) with a further 3.4% looking to purchase one in the next 12 months.
  • 77% use it daily, with 53% using it for News.
  • Of those who read news at least weekly, 52% use it to read headlines, 42% use it to read in-depth articles, however video use and sharing is much lower at 16% each.
  • Currently only 14% are paying for their news on tablets, with 31% of those who don’t saying they would be willing to.
  • Apps are still lagging behind browsers as the tool of choice for consuming news (21% apps, 40% browser)


For the slideshow, click here.


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