Apple Plans to Revolutionize Your Living Room Next, Just as Steve Jobs Wanted

From over at Memeburn, the march towards IPTV continues with rumours that Apple have already created an IPTV prototype which will include integration with iCloud.

Apple is believed to already be building prototypes of such a television set, according to an analyst at Piper Jaffray. The TV is expected to hit the market sometimes next year, although probably a bit later than previous estimates.

The idea that an Apple-branded HDTV set is in the product pipeline has been the subject of rumors for a few years. Apple patents and sources at some of the company’s suppliers have fueled speculation since at least 2008. In August, one Wall Street Analyst predicted that three Apple HDTVs would be on the market as soon as March 2012.


For hints about what an Apple-branded TV set might include, look no further than Apple’s last few releases. That it will run some flavor of iOS is a given. Jobs himself said that it would integrate with iCloud, as the Apple TV set-top box already does.

If the positive, albeit very early response to Siri is any indication, voice-controlled computing appears to working for Apple. One can imagine Siri-style voice commands being included in an iOS-powered television set. “I want to watch X-Men: First Class,” you might say as you sit down on the couch with a bag of popcorn.

If the movie isn’t available via your pay TV service at the moment, your TV could fire up Netflix and start streaming. Knowing Apple, the television’s UI probably wouldn’t be shy about nudging consumers to buy content from the iTunes Store.

A hand-held remote control is still ideal for browsing through content selections and apps on a big screen, but searching can be more cumbersome. Even the most well-designed tools for searching Web content on a TV set (Boxee’s remote control comes to mind) could have less friction. For certain things, voice control could be the way to go.

For the full article, click here.

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