TV + Newspapers: Increase Brand Impact by 72% and Ad Impact by 200%!

Pioneering neuroscience research commissioned by the NMA through Millward Brown measured the magnitude of brain responses to brand and advertising stimuli among people who had previously been exposed to test advertising in newspapers and in a commercial break within a TV programme.

Research was conducted by Dr Lawrence Farwell of Brainwave Science using his patented ‘brain fingerprinting’ technique. This measures the brain’s recognition response to stimuli that are significant to the individual.

Six brand campaigns were tested. Looking at results for all six brand tests together, there was a strong incremental effect on brand impact when people were exposed to both newspaper ads and TV advertising. ‘Brand impact’ measures the average response across all brands to the positive brand stimuli – i.e. salience, messages, brand values and brand affinity.

TV and newspapers individually showed good levels of brand impact, but the TV and newspaper combination was 72% higher than TV solus. See chart below.

There was a very strong 200% incremental effect on advertising impact for TV plus newspapers compared to those seeing TV solus. ‘Advertising impact’ is the average magnitude of brainwave response to ad stimuli from the test ads – essentially ‘unconscious’ ad recognition. See chart below.

For more information see:

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