Sneak peek: The quad-core superphone of the future

From over at the US version of Computerworld, a sneak peak at the new Nvidia chips for smartphones.

One of the coolest demos so far comes from the crew at Nvidia — the guys who make the Tegra 2 chips that power most of the high-profile Android devices on the market today.

While Tegra 2 is a dual-core processor, Nvidia’s next-gen chip — codenamed Kal El — ups the ante with four separate cores for your mobile computing pleasure. That’s right, my friends: The quad-core smartphone is actually almost here. Man, this stuff evolves fast.

Here’s a video Nvidia released showing the quad-core technology in action. The clip illustrates what the four-core setup can do for the mobile experience, using a resource-intensive game as an example.

So what about Android battery life? Believe it or not, Nvidia says its quad-core chip is actually more efficient than the Tegra 2 model out there today. If you were to use all four cores nonstop, you’d get about four to six hours of device life, Nvidia says. In reality, of course, most applications won’t light up all four cores continuously.

Nvidia says its first quad-core tablets will be available around August or September; quad-core phones will follow closer to December. The company will have some competition, too: Both Qualcomm and Texas Instruments are working on quad-core offerings of their own as well.

For full article, click here


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