Online video beats TV when it comes to ads

This MediaLab & YuMe study using facial tracking algorithms and biometric modeling has found that when comparing online video ads to TV ads:

  • Online video ads get 18.% more viewer attention vs TV
  • When transitioning from programme content to ads, TV viewers dropped off 3x faster than online viewers
  • DVRs allow users to fast forward ads and they do exactly just that.
  • When fast forwarding, TV viewers are forced to focus on the ad (so they can stop on resumption of content) but their subsequent recall rates are low
  • TV and Online viewers are faced with many distractions, mainly from smartphones. About half of the viewers had a 2nd active screen while viewing conten and when ads played, 62% of TV viewers changed their attention elsewhere compared to only 45% for online viewers.

“Compared to TV, online video is measurably better at delivering ads that are impossible to skip technologically and impractical to skip behaviorally.”

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