The Future of News: All you need to know in one site

I’m loving this new initiative launched by NiemenLabs.

When you’re in news media you keep tabs on new trends and developments every day as you try to stay ahead of the curve in one of the most competitive and changing landscapes in this current era.

As an organisation, NiemenLabs has definitely done well to highlight the challenges of not only the large, mainstream media organisations, but also the smaller, community or non-profit news operations.

Now with their newly launched Encyclo, they’ve create a place where they can house all historical and ongoing knowledge about news media organisations in an encyclopedic format; their history and current trajectories, as well as how they’re affecting or being affected by change in the media landscape today.

But our main site emphasizes new developments and the latest news. We think there’s great value in a resource that steps back a bit from the daily updates and focuses on background and context. What is it about Voice of San Diego that people find interesting? How has The New York Times been innovating? What model is Politico trying to achieve? Those kinds of questions are why we decided to build Encyclo — a resource on the most important organizations and issues in journalism’s evolution.

Suffice to say that if you’re in news media and you aren’t following NiemenLabs, then you’re probably a lot further behind than everyone else who does.


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