Eli Pariser on the perils of a fully ‘personalised’ information world

The themes covered by Eli Pariser at TED Talks 2011 are undeniably fascinating and interesting.

As Google, Facebook and others try to perfect the notion of a fully customised, personalised and ‘relevant’ experience for the user, have we as society stopped to question if this is in fact a good thing?

We know from our own research that while news readers love the idea of having content personalisation tools at their fingertips, they do not want that to be the only news that they read.


For fear of missing out, of course.

Just because I want to read something relevant doesn’t mean I don’t want to read something important also.

In terms of whether the future of democracy is threatened by this advanced, scientific and automated personalisation of information delivery… I don’t think so.

That’s what editors and journalists are for. Editors will never let their ability to curate and present news be taken over by a computer. And that’s why news media will always exist.

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