Latest Nielsen survey says people prefer Android OS to Apple’s iOS

If 2010 was the year of “Android equalling iOS” predictions, then 2011 is certainly the year when this predictions come through. But it doesn’t just stop at being equal.

In fact, Nielsen’s latest Jan-Mar11 survey for people intending to buy a smartphone says that 31% of these consumers now prefer the Android OS, followed by Apple with 30%.

Now the 1% difference may not be much, but consider the fact that compared to Jul-Sept last year, Apple has actually seen a 1% reduction while Android has seen a 5% increase from 26%. And that’s all only in the last half a year.

Nielsen posits that this isn’t just mere consumer preference statements anymore, as half the people they surveyed have purchased an Android device in the past 6 months, giving Android a 37% market share in the smartphone OS market, which is 10% more than Apple.

While some people might question the exact accuracy of those numbers, I don’t think anyone will argue that Android has become a dominant force in the smartphone market. It’s become sort of an expected outcome.

What I do want to know though (and what I think these surveys also lack), are the reasons WHY people are choosing Android over the iOS. Is it because of technical superiority, features, brand perception, device features or choices or price or what???

I think every research vendor or analyst out there have been telling us the same “what” for the last 12 months now and I think it’s time to move on to the “why”.

So if you belong to a research vendor or analyst firm, and have the answers to the “why”, I’d be very keen to hear from you.

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