Journalists game state budgets to help citizens understand legislators’ dilemma

A great post from over at Poynter which looks at a number of different interactive budget balancing tools/games from news websites from around the US covering both State and Federal budgets.

I’ve had a look at three different ones:

The Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, California)

New York Times

And finally, from American Public Media, this budget game

The American Public Media one was the most entertaining and seemed the most informative with the ability to clearly cut from certain areas (e.g. Military) and choose certain ‘badges’ as goals for your cost cutting, ending up with the final result below.

The ‘game’ provides a number of interesting additional possibilities around Budget articles. For instance it shows at the bottom the 5 biggest changes you’ve made to the budget, and the amount of people who also chose the same changes. For instance, 37% also chose to cut military spending.

For the full article, which contains more examples, click here.

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