Android now more profitable than iOS for well-known game developer

An interesting post from the US version of ComputerWorld looking at the profitibility of Apps between Android & iOS operating systems.

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about how Google’s Android Market compares with Apple’s App Store in terms of developer potential — specifically, the ability for app developers to make money on the platform. It’s an important issue: As users, after all, we may be more focused on our experience than any developer’s income, but if developers aren’t able to make a living from their efforts, they won’t keep investing the time and energy to give us good content.

Traditionally, Apple has been viewed as the top dog when it comes to pure app dollars; love it or hate it, the company’s App Store generates plenty of dough and thus plenty of income for third-party programmers. Even so, Android is increasingly becoming a prominent part of the equation for many well-known developers — and for some, it’s actually starting to surpass Apple by a significant margin.

Today, we hear one such developer’s story.

One developer has found that Android has proven to be significantly more profitable driven by in-App purchases dispite Apple’s seemless in-app purchasing system.

The difference in profitability is shown on these two graphs.

For the full article, click here.


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