Distimo Comparisons and Contrasts: Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and Google Android Market

The January 2011 report from research company Distimo looks at the comparisons between the various application marketplaces.

The report found:

• Two app stores are clearly ahead of the other app stores in terms of growth rates
in January 2011: Windows Phone 7 Marketplace (30%) and Google Android Market
(18%). However, the evolution of both stores is very different, and will be examined
in more detail in this report.

• The overlap of applications between countries is over 97% for all countries in both
the Google Android Market and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. However, if we look
at the 100 most popular applications only, the overlap between countries is much
lower in Microsoft’s store than in Android Market, indicating that it is much easier
for consumers to find locally popular content in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace
than in the Google Android Market.

• Google Android Market is the only store that has more free than paid applications,
and the proportion of free applications increased again in January.
• Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has already attracted some of the largest cross-store
publishers, but it still has a long way to go to attract the same number of cross-store
publishers as the Google Android Market or the Apple App Store.

Also interesting was what the top 10 app downloads are for each store.

  • iPhone: Mostly game and social networking based.
  • iPad: 40% of free and 50% of paid were games, however 4 of the top 10 paid apps were Productivity based, with Books, News & Weather, Utilities and Social Networking applications filling the rest of the spots.
  • Blackberry App World: Social Networking was the main component of free applications with Utilities making up a large proportion of the paids apps.
  • Android (the report seperates games) apps were a range across the spectrum from Communication and Mapping Tools to Video and Productivity

Full report can be downloaded here by selecting the January 2011 report on the right hand menu.


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