How do consumers interact with newspapers down under?

Celsius Research combines qualitative and quantitative research methods to explore how each demographic interacts and reacts to the newspaper medium in print and online. Research sample: four different age groups.

The results show that newspapers and their websites have become highly respected, multi-dimensional brands that readers regard as even more absorbing, dynamic and reputable than they did 2 years ago.

Key facts: For 14-24 year olds…

  • Newspapers and their websites help form their views on employment, finance, tax and the economy, the best of any media.
  • They concentrate more on printed newspapers when they use them, than they do on the internet
  • 54% interact with printed newspaper content by talking about stories with others, making it a form of social currency

For 25-34 year olds…

  • They see Newspaper ads as more believable (vs. other media) 59% have used newspapers and talked about their stories with others, 9% ahead of newspaper websites
  • Printed newspapers leave them feeling educated and informed.
  • More than any other medium

For 35-49 year olds…

  • They are most likely to access a topic of interest across both a printed newspaper and newspaper website, at 40-45%
  • Newspapers and their websites are more influential in helping them form their opinions about the environment than any other media
  • They rate printed newspapers (vs. other media) the highest on the statement “I concentrate on the content when using this medium” more than any other of the 12 measures

For 50-64 year olds…

  • Printed newspapers are seen to host the most believable advertising of any medium.
  • Over half use both newspapers (60%) and their websites (53%) for up to date coverage. The strongest reason for usage
  • Over half have gone online or called a company based on a newspaper ad they’ve seen



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