Nothing’s changed. Women still rule.

An excellent guest post from Aileen Lee of KPCB on TechCrunch, where she contends that women are in fact the drivers of life on the internet as we know it.

  • Early adopters? Apparently, the gender split on mobile social media usage is 55% female. So a little check here.
  • E-commerce? They spend more money than men (ok so this one’s a bit obvious, I guess). Check.
  • Social media? They spend 55% more time than men. Check.
  • Social gaming? Well Zynga, the behemoth of the social gaming scene, says 60% of its users are female.

In fact:

And take a look at four of the new “horsemen” of the consumer web—Facebook, Zynga, Groupon and Twitter.  This may surprise you, the majority of all four properties’ users are female.  Make that “horsewomen”.

Even review sites like OpenTable report that the vast majority of restaurant bookings done on their site are by females. They put this down to the simple fact that women still drive decision making today when it comes to where or what to eat.

So basically, a whole list of stats that tells you why women are a dominant force on the internet, which basically translates to “if you’re a player in this space, then ignore women at your own peril”.

I suspect though that this rule is true no matter what space you’re in.


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