Time Inc introduces multi-platform subscription access for Sports Illustrated

TIME, via PR Newswire

NYTimes reports on how Time Inc has introducd a multi-platform subscription bundles for Sports Illustrated, which is seen as an industry first, at least among the larger magazine publishers.

The interesting part of this “bundle” is that it doesn’t include the Apple iOS platforms. The reasons for the exclusion are obvious (ie. continuing battle between Apple and publishers over subscription processes), but the exclusion in itself is still surprising given that Apple remains dominant in the tablet market and is a key player in the smartphone market.

Is this a defining moment for the publishing industry? Will more and more publishers start to release bundles for the Android/PC/Print combo and ignore Apple devices for the time being, in hopes that Apple might play some ball or risk total exclusion from the magazine-app market?

It’s definitely a warning shot over Apple’s bow and the message is clear; there are alternatives. As usual, I’ll be watching the developments in this space with lots of interest.


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