How far will people travel for discounts?

JiWire has released the results of a study they conducted showing the distance-to-discount ratio.

There are no major surprises here.

Yes, there are people who’re willing to travel for discounted products.

Yes, the number of people who’ll travel and the distance they’ll travel are dependant on the size of the discount.

And yes, there are also people who will never travel regardless of how big a discount you give them (4% apparently, according to JiWire).


2 Responses to How far will people travel for discounts?

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  2. By far essentially the most interesting notion I have come across is coupon trains. A coupon train almost always consists of 6-8 people. The first person within the train puts a specific amount of coupons in an envelope and mails it towards the initially person on the list. That person then takes out what coupons they can use and leaves the rest. They also add an equal or greater amount of coupons into the envelope to replace what they took out, then mails it towards the next person on the list. After it gets to the last person, they do the same issue, then mail it back towards the original sender. This is fantastic if you can trade with people across the nation as the same coupons may perhaps not be found in all provinces.

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