Very mobile advertising: Taxi Impact takes it to the streets with new outdoor offering


New Zealand will soon welcome a big new player in the out-of-home sector, with media company Taxi Impact and a range of taxi companies—including the main taxi co-operatives under the Blue Bubble brand—agreeing to start displaying advertising on their vehicles in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

For anyone who’s ventured overseas, it’s one of those ideas that inevitably leads to a standard question: ‘Why hasn’t someone done it already?’ And while Tim Dove, Taxi Impact’s founder and director, says it has certainly been tried here, he says all of the attempts have completely missed the mark.

“They have focused on small formats, bumper-stickers or positioned them on the boot, which gives little value to the advertiser. Therefore no-one was interested. Also, no company has given advertisers a nationwide scale that gives them the consistency and reach they need.”

Like many innovations that make it to New Zealand, Dove says the penny dropped for him a few years ago while he was living overseas.

“I was standing on a street corner in London when I saw a taxi with advertising on it. Naturally, as a Kiwi you wonder why no-one is doing that in New Zealand. The process just started from there really.”

He started looking into the idea in more detail and found the drivers in London were very supportive of the extra revenue the scheme generated and, because a single black cab was seen around 75 million times a year (check out this Britain From Above clip, which shows taxis in London at peak time), the advertisers saw it as a key part of their media mix.


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