Tablet journalism: does our newest format need a new approach?

Article investigating whether a new journalistic style is required for ipad from

We all know that print and online journalism are two separate, and at times very different, genres, so why do many media organisations not give more thought to what constitutes effective tablet journalism? Sigmund Clementz, a project manager in charge of iPad development at Norwegian magazine publisher Hjemmet Mortensen, thinks that declining iPad magazine sales figures reported recently will force media organisations to think harder about utilising the unique storytelling environment that tablets offer.

In his opinion, the newspaper tablet app market so far, certainly in Norway where iPad and Samsung Galaxy were only launched at the end of the year, is a false market.

According to Clementz, this is because lots of media, marketing and PR professionals download media apps to see what they are like, creating an artificial market where sales figures go through the roof once a new app is launched, and then decline just as rapidly as soon as people have satisfied their curiosity with the first edition.

As WWD recently reported, iPad magazine sales are in sharp decline in many places, and French media commentator Frédéric Filloux argues media organisations have to acknowledge that the first batch of media iPad apps have simply failed. Clementz, who was involved with the first such app launched in Norway, an iPad edition of design magazine Bonytt Bad – which was praised for utilising iPad’s opportunities better than many other media app – admits there are things they would have done differently today. At the time of the launch, in October, he predicted that by October 2011 we would all be laughing at the media tablet apps we were seeing in 2010

Full article here


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