MySpace’s Last Gasp

A little behind the times, but from over at ReadWriteWeb

Today, MySpace is launching what may be its last-ditch effort to save itself before owner News Corp makes other plans, or even sells off the ailing company.

With the launch of the “new MySpace,” a social entertainment hub that allows for the discovery of music, celebrities, television, movies, games, videos, photos and offline events is revealed. But despite the company’s radical changes and improved design, MySpace is still sending mixed signals about its future.

A funny little anaecdote from the story which is potentially describing how it is being treated.

A funny little side note, before we begin: We, like all other tech press, received a press release about the new launch. What struck us as particularly funny was the misspelled website address pointing us to the online press materials. For such a critical moment in a company’s history, it seems odd that the launch notice was handled in such a hurried nature. We hope the PR email isn’t indicative of the whole shebang MySpace has planned.

Perhaps the changes can reverse MySpace’s fortunes, but one has to ask how long NewsCorp is willing to hold on to a property which is so far behind the times.


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