– The year in review 2010 turned 10 this year… and what a way to put a mark on the end of our first decade with 2010 being one of our most successful years ever.

2010 has been Stuff’s biggest traffic year in its 10 year history. To date in December 10, Kiwis have generated 1.2 billion page impressions on the site. This is up from 663 million impressions generated for the full year of 2009.

In the 6 months to November 2009, Stuff’s monthly New Zealand audience was averaging 1.7 million unique browsers per month. In 2010, our average monthly audience for the same 6 month period has been 2.8 million unique browsers.

This year has also been one of our most awarded years, with taking home NetGuide’s Site of the Year Award and several Qantas Media Awards; Best News, Best Business, Best Sport, Best Design, Best Breaking News Story and Best Blog.

We made our first foray into the iOS market with the launch of the Stuff app for both the iPhone and iPad. Shortly after, we followed up with a relaunch of the Stuff mobile site (for handset web browsers), with a redesign and an upgrade that would allow for 2 versions – a rich site and a light site – both auto optimised depending on your mobile browser’s capability. Needless to say, we will continue to focus and polish the way we deliver our content via mobile channels and devices as it is an important part of our strategy going foward.

Behind the scenes, we’ve also made few other huge investments and advancements like getting new talent in, building new consumer and advertiser solutions, optimising the way we deliver content through our various channels, cultivation of both our inbound and outbound social media channels and networks, engaged the NZ public with crowdsourcing exercises  (MP expenses, Canterbury quake map) in what we think is a first for NZ news media, aggressively built and expanded our capabilities for video reporting and delivery alongside our web content, upgrade to a new analytics platform and so, so much more…


It’s been a massive year.

One of the most interesting things when you look at 2010 from the perspective of New Zealand’s most popular news site, is that you see the events that shape the lives, interest and landscape of the New Zealand public. The stuff that captured their imaginations, drove their emotions or dominated their agendas.

Of the top 20 stories on in 2010, 15 of them were New Zealand news events, highlighting the fact that as big as the world we live in is, the most important things to us are those in our immediate environment. Tragedy and mother nature was the dominant theme in 2010, as it was in 2009 (with the Samoan Tsunami and Vanuatu earthquakes).

So, while 2010 has been a massive year for the site… it has, perhaps more importantly, been a defining year for the nation.

I’ll leave you with the top 20 stories below. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

It’s been quite a year. Two devastating events, the Christchurch earthquake and Pike River mine tragedy, have hung heavily over the country and forever changed the lives of many.

While the Christchurch quake provided stories of miracle survival, the Pike River mine tragedy delivered the West Coast’s darkest days.

These disastrous events were by far the most-read stories on Stuff in 2010. The quake story was Stuff’s most clicked story this year on the day Christchurch was shaken. And the stories in the subsequent days also dominated as some of the most-read stories this year.

Massive 7.4 quake hits South Island

Drill breaks through but rescue in doubt

Tsunami alert for New Zealand after massive quake

Rescued Chilean miners emerge

Massive storm heading for New Zealand

Naked photo sends jilted lover to jail

Anzac Day chopper crash kills three

Wild weather roughs up New Zealand

Hobbit looks headed overseas

Paul Henry suspended

Officer shot, dog shot in Christchurch

Lara Bingle nude pic leaked

Indonesia hit by tsunami following quake

Woman fired for being too good looking

Freakish find shocks Southland woman

Major quake strikes Haiti

Budget income tax down, GST up

Alison Mau hits out at gossip mag

Carmen Thomas murder arrest

Lucas Ward’s body found

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