Google researches consumer behaviour when purchasing laptops, tablets etc

Found via TechCrunch, who did a great summary of the study. I’ve pulled out some of the interesting stats here:

  • 49% of consumers did not know exactly which type of device they would purchase when the started the shopping process for a new device.
  • As for consumers who did know what type of device they wanted, Google found that 66% of netbook shoppers considered another device; 29% of tablet shoppers consider another device; 20% of laptop shoppers consider another device and 12% of eReader shoppers consider another device.
  • Consumers on average spend one month researching the type of device they should buy.
    • 85 percent use the internet to research their purchase.
    • 64% of e-reader shoppers both bought and researched online
    • 37 percent of consumers interested in tablets searched online and bought in-store.
  • Store or retailer sites are the most frequented among online sources (65%), followed by search engine sites (61%), brand or manufacturer sites (53%), price comparison sites (44%), review sites (29%), and social networking sites (18%)

Google also released interesting data on demographics of users searching for particular type of device:

  • Tablet shoppers skew slightly female (53%), primarily fall into the 25-34 age group; 56% consider more than one brand and the group is most concerned with appearance/style
  • e-Reader shoppers skew male (64%), fall into the 45-54 age group, 70% consider more than one brand, and the group are more concerned about reviews more than any other portable PC shopper
  • Laptop shoppers skew female (58%), with 50% of shoppers falling into the 18-34 age group, 65% of the group considers 3 brands or more, and 43% want to upgrade from their existing device
  • Netbook shoppers skew male (46%), primarily falls within the 35-44 age group, and most shoppers are undecided on brand with 80% considering more than one device.


  • Of consumers considering both netbooks and tablets, consumers are leaning towards tablets (37% vs. 25%).

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