Great Mark Zuckerberg interview at Web2.0 Summit 2010

If you’ve got the time, I really recommend watching this interview. It’s very recent (yesterday) and covers a wide range of subject matters.

Mark Zuckerberg gets challenged on a lot of Facebook’s recent (and future) actions… but he does well responding to them for the most part. Facebook’s competition with Google, is of course, one of the bigger topics here… but more from a philosophical, strategic point of view rather than just technical.

The bit I like is when John Battelle goes:

“There’s something about Facebook… which I think you’ll agree… it sort of doesn’t ask for permission, it asks for forgiveness…”

Zuckerberg tries to sidestep the point of the question by saying that they do what they do because they felt that their users had pre-validated the need for those actions… instead of really admitting “Yeah… but that’s what innovation and creativity is about… you push the envelopes until you can’t push anymore”.


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