People launch “Previews”… Google launches “Instant Previews”

Not content at letting the whole inter-web settle down from their launch of Google Instant, they up the ante once again with the launch of Instant Previews.

It is a a natural evolutionary path though… and a step in the right direction for Google. In other words, it was only a matter of time for image previews to be an expected feature of the world’s favourite search engine.

The implications of this new feature, of course, is that it decreases the chances that a user will click on a wrong or non-relevant link… So it places yet another level of requirement on webmasters or publishers to ensure that they are in fact the most “relevant result” to a query… or at least that they look that way.

So no longer is being “optimised for search” a necessity for websites… now, aesthetics count too (ie. your mugshot on the preview pane).

Next step for Google Inc? YouTube previews (where you can see clips of a video in a thumbnail, without having to load the entire file). I know this is already possible (from a technical viewpoint), so the question for YouTube is not “if” but “when”?

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