Mobile Web Advertising Measurement Guidelines – IAB (US)

The IAB and the MMA are currently seeking comments on their Mobile Web Advertising Measurement Guidelines.

The Mobile Web Advertising Measurement Guidelines have been developed by staff and members of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and the IAB with the assistance of the Media Rating Council (MRC). Contributors to these guidelines included representatives of the following MMA and IAB member companies:
Crisp Wireless
Deloitte & Touche
Dynamic Logic
Ernst & Young LLP
Impact Mobile
ImServices Group
Microsoft Advertising
Millennial Media, Inc.
O2,Telefonica S.A
Orange NSM
Quattro Wireless (Apple)
Weather Channel Interactive
Wireless Development Agency

These guidelines follow the general principles established by the Interactive Audience Measurement and Advertising Campaign Reporting and Audit Guidelines issued by the IAB for web impression measurement. However, this document has been authored with a specific focus on the unique attributes of mobile web advertising. Thus, while many portions of this document are similar to the existing IAB guidelines, specific guidance in certain other areas will differ in due to technical differences inherent in the mobile web environment.

These guidelines cover measurement of WAP/mobile web advertising activity. Measurement of other forms of mobile advertising activity, including messaging applications (SMS and MMS), mobile applications, and various forms of mobile audio and video (including streamed, downloaded, broadcast and progressive audio and/or video), is not within the scope of these guidelines.

This document is principally applicable to mobile marketers, wireless operators, mobile publishers and ad serving organizations, and is intended as a guide to accepted practice.

PDFDownload the IAB-MMA Mobile Web Measurement Guidelines

Comments on any aspect of the guidelines are welcome. However, in particular, we seek comment on the following key points:

* Do these guidelines adequately reflect the technical capabilities of mobile web servers, mobile networks, and mobile devices? If not, what changes are needed for them to do so?
* If you are a mobile marketer, will these guidelines help you have confidence in mobile Web impression numbers, relative to the status quo? If not, how could they be changed to increase your confidence?
* If you are a mobile publisher, ad network, or other mobile ad serving organization, do you believe your organization will seek to comply with and be audited against these guidelines? If not, why not?
* The IAB and MMA are considering guidelines for in-app ad measurement as a next project after the mobile web guidelines. We seek comment on how well these guidelines address industry needs around measuring in-app advertising, and what changes would be needed to make them more suitable to that purpose.

Please e-mail comments to the IAB at The public comment period will end on Friday, December 10, 2010.


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