Nielsen estimates 362,000 Britons behind the Times paywall

This is an excerpt of the post “Nielsen estimates 362,000 Britons behind Times paywall” taken from the NielsenWire blog.

Matthew Dodd, SVP, Research & Analytics, EMEA

As newspapers grapple with monetizing their content online, a recent Nielsen study found that one in five UK visitors to the Times of London and the Sunday Times websites are accessing content from behind the paywall introduced three months ago.

The research looked at pages within The Times’ website (all references to “The Times” include both The Times and Sunday Times) visited by UK individuals from home or work computers. Therefore, our figures don’t include visitors from outside the UK, visitors from mobile phones or UK people only visiting the site from internet cafés, airports or educational venues.

UK visitors were divided into two groups: (1) anyone visiting The Times website and (2) visitors accessing content behind the paywall. The latter includes people who paid online, those who get free online access as part of their print subscription and those who had a free trial.

The paywall went live on July 2nd, and after three months here’s what we’ve seen in the UK:

  • Across Q2 (pre-paywall) the site averaged 3.10 million unique UK individuals (group 1) each month
  • Across Q3 (post-paywall) it was 1.78 million – 58 percent the size of the Q2 audience
  • A monthly average of 362,000 (20 percent of the Q3 audience) went behind the paywall (group 2 — includes free triallists, those with free online access due to print subscription and those who paid online)

It was reported last year that the Times would rather have fewer, but paying, visitors and that people who visit via search engines are fleeting visitors, consequently, offering little value to potential Times advertisers. So, how do the 362,000 paywall visitors (which includes free triallists, those with free online access due to print subscription and those who paid online) compare in ‘value’ to the 3.10 million ‘total’ UK visitors in the quarter before?

  • All registered paying customers, whether subscribing offline or online, provide a richer sales proposition which should command a higher premium because of the detailed personal opt-in data they provide
  • A percentage of people within the 362,000 paid online – this group provides an extra revenue stream in their own right
  • The ‘paywallers’ are more engaged – in Q3, they averaged 42 percent more pages per person a month (17) than the average Q2 visitor (12)

        Article also has some informationa around the quality of audience behind the paywall.

        Full Article Here


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