TV Ads Perform as Well as Made-for-Web Ads – from e-marketer

Some research that shows that TVC’s work online as well as made for online video ads.

Do made-for-web ads perform better than repurposed TV ads? The answer is yes—and no. Dynamic Logic research released in September found that re-used TV spots resulted in higher brand awareness metrics than made-for-web ads.

The report showed that online ad awareness got a bigger lift from repurposed video ads than made-for-web video. Purchase intent was higher for made-for-web ads among those ages 18 to 34 but flat among the older age groups.

Online Video Advertising

“With brand-metric variables, the answer depends on context, audience and objective,” said David Hallerman, senior analyst, in the new report “Measuring Video Ads: Metrics for Brand Marketers.”

The origin of the video ad creative may be less important than other factors. Research from Dynamic Logic and TubeMogul—which looked at the percentage of viewers who watched entire ads, also known as completion rates—showed that consumers favored neither one nor the other.

The viewer survey compared made-for-web video ads with repurposed TV commercials in a variety of industries. The highest completion rates for repurposed TV ads were from retail outlets (60%), while made-for-web creative completion rates were 37%. The highest completion rates for made-for-web video were in the food and beverage industry, at 58%. Repurposed TV spots hovered around 40% completion rates.

The results indicate that more important than the origin of the ad is quality, relevance for viewers and the type of product advertised.

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