The Social Web Needs Smart Mute Buttons

An interesting article from over at Read Write Web

Mozilla announced today a new add-on to its email program Thunderbird, a button called Mute Thread. It’s a simple way to say “I’m not interested in this right now, but I might come back to it later.” It’s an alternative to unsubscribing forever and it’s a very smart idea.

If everything had a button like that, people would feel comfortable subscribing to more things in the first place. Can you imagine if your cable TV provider said “this package includes 100 channels – but you have to watch every single one of them every day”? You wouldn’t buy cable TV if that was the case. Why then does subscription on Facebook, Twitter or RSS have to mean all content all the time?

Thunderbird’s Mute Thread add-on is still experimental and the seeks developer assistance, but it sure would be great to see this kind of feature built into more platforms than just email.

This is an interesting development from MoZilla, however this could have implications for media company social networking efforts if we don’t provide the right content at the right time to the right people.

Read the full article here


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