How to sell more newspapers

An interesting article on the use of research and design to reconnect with the newspaper reader with the ultimate aim of selling more newspapers.

Everyone wants to sell more papers.
Everyone is doing everything they can and virtually no one is succeeding. Why? The goal is to sell more newspapers. It’s as simple as that. But most editors and publishers can’t even bring themselves to say the words.
Accuse an editor of trying to sell more newspapers and he’ll deny it. Or listen (as I did last week) to a publisher describe the desired outcome for his upcoming redesign:

• Better packaging
• More excitement
• A fresh, contemporary look
• Reflect the community

Conspicuous by its absence is the phrase “sell more newspapers.” I wasn’t going to put words in his mouth, but how can a publisher expect to sell more newspapers if he can’t even say the words?

Read Full Article Here

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