The story of New Zealand’s internet

If you haven’t heard already, Wellington digital agency Heyday embarked on a project, entitled Down to the Wire, to tell the story of New Zealand’s internet development over the last 21 years.

They’re telling this story by releasing, on a daily basis, a yearly account of internet related events, milestones and factoids since 1989.

Each year takes on an entire web page – almost like a journal entry – with embedded videos of Madeleine Sami presenting and navigating through the year’s events as well as selected interviews with some of the 60 “internet personalities” that contributed to the project (including’s own Greer McDonald). There are also opportunities for users to share and contribute to the project, or get some behind-the-scenes snippet via the project’s blog.

Overall, I think it’s a fantastic idea and the quality of the product that’s been released so far is excellent, so props to the Heyday team for doing it.



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