Android keeps growing its presence

Latest stats from Nielsen for August 10 shows that 32% of users in the US that have purchased a smartphone in the past 6 months have opted for one with an Android OS (up from 28% in July 10), compared to 26% for the Blackberry and 25% for the iPhone.

In terms of market share, RIM is still in the lead with 31% share (declining trend), followed by the iPhone with 28% share (steady), and then the Android with 19% share (increasing).

Yes, it’s still a 9% gap in share between the iPhone and Android, and at least 12% between RIM and Android… but just look at the pace of increase of Android adoption in the US market. Keep in mind that August represented the first full month of iPhone4 sales in the market as well, which has had little impact on Apple’s share. This possibly indicates that the new iPhone4 is simply converting existing iPhone3 users as opposed to acquiring new ones (who are instead, going Google’s way…)

At this rate, it won’t be long before Google achieves parity with Apple in the US smartphone market. It’s great for consumers… but I imagine this being a bit of a short term nightmare for the ad, content and dev industry as we grapple with multiple OS’s, platforms, ad servers, monitor resolutions etc until the big boys have a sit down and talk about some standardisation…

OK well… maybe not so “short term”…


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