Celebrity news vs breaking news on Stuff.co.nz

Here’s a visualisation of some interesting data from Stuff.co.nz.

We compared the total page views over 1.5 years for stories referencing a list popular celebrities (we used Google’s most searched celebrities as a guide for this list) , against the total page views for key breaking news events in that same time period.

The results serve as quite an eye opener.

While celebrity news will always satisfy the vicarious needs of readers, it is real news events that really capture the imagination, attention and interest of the wider public. We even limited the page view results for the “breaking news events” to a much shorter timeframe, reflecting the period where the news event is the most “current”.

Times may have changed and media/communication platforms may have proliferated… but the essential human desire to know what’s most important around them, hasn’t. This really puts things into perspective.

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