3 iPad Apps that Reinvent News Reading

From Mashable

“As news consumption shifts to the personalized social news stream, the platforms we use to consume the news are also changing.

With its media-friendly design, the iPad is the first mobile device to create an environment perfect for real-time news consumption that maintains the sophistication and style of traditional print magazines and newspapers.

Pulse News, Flipboard and FLUD are three apps paving the way for rich, personalized news experiences on the iPad. Each reinvents what it means to read the news by creating a more dynamic, social and visually stimulating way to consume information.

Flipboard and Pulse News are particularly interesting because they both leave it to the user to define the term “news” on their own. They also compel the reader to include their social network friends in the process. Below, we break down all three for a look at how the iPad changes the way we get our news.”

Click here for the rest of the article


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