Digital feature: Questions you should be asking your publisher part 2

Part 2 of this week’s digital feature series of “Questions you should also be asking your publisher”

What types of content do they consume in different environments?

As a news site, we classify content in 2 ways:

  • Content vertical/category (National news, Business, Entertainment etc)
  • Content type (Text, videos, pictures, audio etc)

Different sites have differing compositions of content types and verticals. Different content verticals within a site can be made of different content types. Understanding these differing compositions can help with developing the right communications approach or designing the right creative.

For instance, if you’re in a photo rich environment, you might choose to complement the content with a rich and visual piece of creative… or you might choose to use big bold text for some contrast, depending on what your objectives are (eg. response or branding).

One size certainly doesn’t fit all and small tweaks can sometimes make an ad stand out a lot more from the environment it’s in, or look a lot more integrated with the content.

It’s your choice, but you need to know what works, not just from a visual point of view, but also in terms of traffic and interactions… and this is where the publisher can help because from a content publishing perspective, it’s what they do.

(Pic is of from Smashing Magazine)

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