UK ofcom 2010 report

Reading print media is a more “important activity” than social networking for consumers, findings by a new Ofcom report suggest.

Statistics released today in The Communications Market 2010:UK indicate that the experience of reading newspapers and magazines was rated with a higher mean average by respondents than other tasks such as social networking on a computer, listening to the radio and watching on-demand TV.

But it was still placed behind watching scheduled TV, using mobiles and other uses of the internet, including email.

The annual report, which measures consumer use of communications media based on the responses of more than 1000 adults, found that scheduled TV was the most popular daily activity, with 82 per cent of people watching on an average day. But reading print media was not far behind, carried out by 46 per cent of adults on a daily basis. In comparison social networking on a computer was reported to be carried out by one quarter of adults daily.

The study also suggests that news organisations are some of the most popular online brands by reach. While Google was top with 87 per cent, the BBC was also listed at 55 per cent and Associated Newspapers with 21 per cent.


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