Time Shifted TV viewing shaking up movie marketing

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) – Movie marketers — who devote as much as 70% of their budgets to TV advertising — might be fighting a losing battle as a record amount of viewers time-shifted their viewing, potentially skipping their ads.

A recent study for cable giant Comcast found that 62% of respondents reported using DVRs, online sites like Hulu, or VOD.

So how’s a marketer supposed to fill opening weekend seats?

While no one predicts the end of film ads on TV — strong visuals still attract attention on the small screen — time-shifting is one reason why film-marketing dollars have increasingly flown to the Internet in search of real “engagement” in a fragmented media world. Plus, it has led to innovative attempts to use DVRs as a device of marketing rather than disruption.

Greg Kahn, executive vp business development director at media agency Optimedia, estimates that the Web portion of film-ad budgets has doubled to about 10% during the past five years. “I expect the digital component of movies’ media budgets to increase further,” he said. Click her for full article

However as everv the comments are as amusing as ever but give a good insight into what some people are doing!


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